marcelino barsi


Is there any better approach?


This is your space, this is our space, and the place for those who’d studied here and those who will. But this time it’s hers. She has taken the gallery as she took or stole our littlest works, those that we didn’t mind. Not even remembered.

She has opened her notebook, her room, her sell, but we can only see a glimpse of ourselves and other through the glass. Like Douglas Gordon she has putted our names, our insignificant names and therefore our memory in hers, or vice versa, approaching this without the academic discipline, without the expected aesthetics, but most of all without VANITY.

She has taken the space, dropping herself and remembering us about our self-artistic-vanity and proud. We are no one, she is no one and we cannot have anything.

Although the littlest things we do are the most significant, e cannot regard them because our vanity, proud and confused pretentious thoughts that blind us towards them and other artists.

In order to go beyond this work, we have to look inside us and the relation with others, with art, with life.

Like Christo et Jeane Claude, she closed the door to unveil our most profound relationship-artistic-behavior; the one we had already kept locked by ourselves because of fear and smart justifiable thoughts.

Fetish and Voyeur


Marcelino G. Barsi